5 Reasons why Laminate Flooring is Better than Hardwood

Search and locate licensed contractors - Forum Topics - You can add furniture pads to your chairs for further protection as well. . Since laminate is resistant to scratching, it will stay looking fresh for a long while. Your kitchen furniture won’t scratch up the laminate either. Most hardwoods will scratch when kitchenware is pulled along the floor ..More

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Eliminating the Confusion of Engineered Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Listings Of certified contractors - Maintenance Forum Pages - .   Dun, dun, dun!!!!  Surprise!. So after a bit of research tomato and potato are singular and tomatoes and potatoes are plural.   Although the confusion tends to take place on the plural spelling ..More

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Epoxy Floor Coating Reviews – What do the experts look for?

10 Best reputed emergency contractors - Blog With Contractors - . The best of these will tend to have greater durability, enabling longer periods of use between recoats or replacements. There are several key performance measures that experts use in comparing one epoxy coating with another and to determine if an epoxy is really industrial grade. All things being equal, some floor coatings pass performance testing with higher marks than others ..More

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Your Epoxy & Floor Coating Questions Answered – FAQs

Top 10 Best certified contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - Great question, Stanley! Actually, your painter friend is correct. . However, in the paint and coatings world, the term “mil” is an English unit, meaning 1/1000th of an inch. As you know, a millimeter (mm) is 1/1000th of a metric meter ..More

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Industrial Floor Paints: The 411

Top 10 Best technicians - Repair Company Blogs - Like other coatings, epoxy is characterized by the volume of its solids content in relationship to its volatiles, i. In practical terms, the solids content is the amount of coating product that remains on the floor after it fully cures. So 100% solids epoxy means that 100% of the product remains on the floor after cure, whereas 50% solids epoxy means that only 50% will remain on the floor as a cured film, while the rest will evaporate. . , water, solvents and other diluents. This is often represented as a percentage. e ..More

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